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Maxtown Medical is located in Westerville, Ohio and services the entire United States.


6295 Maxtown Rd
Suite 700, Westerville OH 43082

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Strategy and Planning

Developing a comprehensive sales strategy, identifying target markets, defining value propositions, and creating a sales plan aligned with the manufacturer’s objectives.

Market Analysis

Conducting market research to identify potential customers, key opinion leaders, and market trends. Analysis to identify target customer segments for focused sales efforts.

Sales Execution

Deploy our dedicated sales team and network of independent sales representatives to promote and sell the manufacturer’s products, including direct sales, distribution channel management, and key account management.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that all sales activities comply with relevant regulatory requirements, including documentation, reporting, and adherence to ethical guidelines.

Training and Education

Providing product training to the sales team, healthcare professionals, and potential customers to enhance product knowledge and facilitate effective communication.

Data Analytics

Sales Performance Tracking and Reporting: Implementing robust systems for tracking sales performance, analyzing data, and generating reports to measure progress, identify areas for improvement, and support decision-making.